Leza Marais


Leza has a National Diploma in Fashion Design and Technology from The Cape Peninsula University.

After her studies she spent 3 years in Europe, visiting all the fashion capitals such as Paris and Italy and worked in London at an upmarket clothing store where she styled famous celebrities. Inspired by what she had seen and done, on her return to Cape Town in 1999, her first job was as a Fashion and Décor Stylist with Fairlady and several magazines at Media 24, New Media and Caxton. Six months after that, Leza was then offered a Fashion Editor at the age of 24.

Leza has vast exposure to local and international markets and has also mainly worked on several US and European Campaigns, such as Catepillar, Coca-Cola and Sony. In addition to this, she also work as a visual merchandiser and in e-commerce field.

Her passion is traveling and learning about new cultures and styles. She is a motivated and confident person with excellent organisational skills and creativity comes naturally.