Makaira Dullabh


Toyota, Sportscene, Old Mutual, Pick n Pay, KFC, Strawberry Lips, Savio, Reve the Label, Adidas Run Base, Old Khaki, Malok Lifestyle, Netflix, Three Ships Whiskey, Mind Pearl, Link Tank, Metope, C&A Friedlander, Brain Garden, Natural Language Solutions, First Principle Solutions, Samwumed, G. Couture, Kaien Cruz, The Walkers, Markus Wormstorm, Yannick Wilde, Elle, A Fashion Friend, The Good Weekend, Boy London, Yuri Arcurs, Bomba, Maxi (YDE), Kota d Kota, Markhams and Hyatt Regency.

Production companies:

Robot, 0307 Films, Stillking, Carbon Films, Patriot Films, Dreamcatcher, 3 Verse, Giant Films, McKenzie Rudolph, Masters Media Africa, Star Films, Gatehouse Films, Bob & Harry, Yuri Arcurs, Solar Productions, Rapid Blue, Rolling Pictures, Egg Films, Moonlighting, Arcade TV, Video Cartel, Narrative Truth, Platoon, Episode Productions, Bird Films, North South Productions, Big Sky Productions, Gavin Schneider Productions, Orange Films, 08 Media, OLC Experiential, Baker & Kent, Steel Productions, Dancing Light, Hoops, Scout, Hero, Evidencia Tribe X, Open Field Marketing and T&W.