The Seppis

Cape Town based Taariq September and Seema Allie have joined to forces to form a collaborative duo: The Seppis. These multimedia artists specialize in photography, video and collage. Their approach to a commissioned project is based in a fine arts background and execution is realised from start to finish. 

Client List:

Simon Deporres

Mo’ko Elosa

Woolworths SA

Fixer Solutions

Unisoul Brand Management

Dark and Lovely Records

Rude World Records

Brutus London

Miwater SA

Liquifruit SA

Still Bathrooms

SA Bullion

Little Gig SA

Elle Deco SA

Selected Publications:

Elle Decor SA, The LAKE Magazine, Flannel Magazine Online, Kaltblut Magazine Germany, Tocksick Magazine NY, Casimir TV, Sticks and Stones Agency