At One League, we use our extensive industry knowledge, experience and connections to the world of creative talent and production to make your shoot as seamless as possible. We operate locally, regionally and internationally from our base in Cape Town, South Africa.
Based on your requirements, we can tailor a shoot package to fit just right. We can scout and secure the ideal shooting location, cast the right talent, put together an experienced production crew, and handpick the creative crew best suited to your project.
All you need is a concept for your shoot, we can take care of the details.

Client | Agency Facilitation
Dealing with multiple agencies and their respective talent can be a logistical challenge, but it’s one that One league is well versed in. Over the years, we’ve forged strong professional relationships with other creative, casting and production agencies in Southern Africa and internationally, with whom we can coordinate on your behalf.

South Africa is the most established shoot production location on the African continent, due in large part to the diversity of its landscapes and local talent. One League’s team have a wide ranging knowledge of the region’s filming locations and studios, and can help scout and secure permits for the ideal place to shoot. We can also offer informed advice and logistical support with the best times to shoot, costs, tax incentives, transport and work permits.

We’ve built great relationships with some of the best casting agencies in South Africa and the wider region, giving us access to a diverse range of acting and modelling talent. One League can host your casting call, and find the best actors and models for your shoot.

Production Crew
From the director and producer right through to the costume designer and editing team, we’ll put together a professional, talented production crew. Since opening our doors in 2004, we’ve worked and fostered strong connections with the best around. We’ll ensure that each and every member of your production crew has the right credentials to make your finished project every bit as great as your vision.

Creative Crew
Hand-picking the best suited creative crew has been One League’s bread and butter since we started. As one of South Africa’s most esteemed creative talent management agencies, we represent a range of gifted professional photographers, hair & makeup artists, and stylists who operate both in South Africa and internationally.