Carla Vermaak

South African born wardrobe stylist, Carla Vermaak, brings her characteristic bold and colourful flare to all of her work.

A student of fashion design, she thrives on creating characters with rich backstories. She is able to take direction and deliver what her clients want. She is attentive to detail and always keeps up with the latest trends to create the best work to represent her as a stylist. Not only does she work hard to complete her clients vision, but her personality will bring an exciting life to set, creating a fun environment to work in.

Production companies incl SCOUT production, 1st production, LUSTRE production, Farm Films, FUTURA Joburg.

Clients incl Nike, Lucy Nagle, Sanlam, Castle light, Omo, TFG, ON running, Liqui Fruit, Gstar RAW, Crystal Birch, Sportscene, Mr Price, Babilon LA, VVV venivedivici Paris, Netflix, Stella McCartney kids

Publications incl iMute magazine, Lucy magazine, Solstice Magazine, Nataal Media, Sicky Magazine, Glamour SA magazine, GQ magazine, Vogue Italia, L’Official Balitics

Photographers incl Paul Samuels, Travys Owen, Lesedi Mothoagae, Alexa Singer, Jacobus Snyman