Carla Vermaak

South African-born wardrobe stylist, Carla Vermaak, brings her characteristic bold and colorful flair to all of her work.

A student of fashion design, she thrives on creating characters with rich backstories. She is able to take direction and deliver what her clients want. Carla believes that everything lies in the detail and takes special care that everything is very considered. She loves keeping up with the latest trends to deliver work that is relevant and appropriate. Not only does she work hard to complete her client’s vision, but her personality will bring an exciting life to set, creating a fun environment to work in.

Client List
Weylandt, Mercendes Benz, VOOV, H&M Home, Conlyes, Audi, Markham, Carling Black Label, Castle Lite, NEXT clothing, VW, Old Khaki, Wavin, Freedom of Movement, Adidas, Nike, Palladium, Nokia, Gstar Raw, K-Way, Rare Earth, Kirsten Goss, Calzedonia, Liqui Fruit, Netflix, Stella McCartney Kids, Fila, Moet & Choedon, The Folklore and Sportscene.

Production Companies
Cyclone Films, Lucan.TV, Gatehouse Films, Steel Productions, North South Productions, 1st Productions, Boomtown Productions, Bioscope Films, Frank, Prinz Productions, Solar Productions, Delicious Films, Euroconnection, Gavin Schneider Productions, Cape Town Productions, Farm Films, Lampost / Lustre, Giant Films, Rocket Films and, Red Hot Ops.