Liezl Franken

Liezl has always had an eye for great aesthetics, textures and visual moments. A true go-getter who makes vision come to life, this career path happened almost by accident but was certainly her destiny and true calling! Whilst still in university and busy traveling the world, she started out in the fashion scene as a Backstage Co-Ordinator and there, developed her skill for creating memorable and striking looks at numerous fashion weeks around the continent and London.. Since those early days, she quickly climbed the ranks and earned her stripes as trusted and professional international stylist, with hundreds of shoots, events and shows under her belt.

Liezl’s passion is is to recreate visual landscapes of style for clients, be it wardrobe or props. She really loves a challenge, so when the worlds of production and styling collide, this detail-driven powerhouse truly shines.

After travelling and doing a internship at Harpers Bazaar UK and assisting many top stylists / designers including DIOR, she has joined us full time as a Wardrobe and Props Stylist.

Mr Price, Haagen Dasz, S.Oliver, Adler, Dior, Shoprite, Truworths, Jackie O, Ayden, Huawei, G-Star, Kia, Aldi, Zola, American Swiss, Three Ships Whiskey, Tanqueray, Mountain Warehouse, Marshall, Kalita, Rhodes, Netfli, Alphen Hotel, Stella Artois, Falke, Adidas, NRBY, Allianz, CAT Shoes, Motion Array, Petite & Co, H&M, Lactalis BED, Everae, Sporting Bet, Lidl and R&B Arabia Catalogue, Meraki Jewerly, Black Betty Jewelry, Hunters Dry, Pampers, Fabula Obscura and, Lipsy

Gatehouse Films, Prinz Productions, 1st Productions, More Global, Groundglass, Plate Pictures, Orange Films, Cape Town Productions, Cape Prod Afrika, With Milk, Happy Cat Films, The Video Cartel, Robot, Lampost / Lustre, Black Bean Productions, Gavin Schneider, Kent & co and Romance Films.