Pablo Barckhahn

My proposal seeks to show inclusiveness and dialogues through collaborative work ethics, connected to the integration and promotion of cultural and social diversity. I want to propose a tolerant avant-garde and inclusive discourse that contributes to people’s self-empowerment.

My experience and knowledge during 23 years as a ballet dancer and the experience of working surrounded by many artistic disciplines have given me valuable experience in understanding 

how to navigate with people collectively. 

My previous experience in fashion, television, and film industries as a makeup artist and hair designer also has given me strong abilities for problem-solving and understanding diverse creative processes. 


Sido, Kontrak, Samra, Annet Luisan, N26, Google, ‘The Hunger Games’, ‘Matrix 4’, ‘Then You Run’, ‘Eine Million’, Vogue Deutschland, Zalando, Kaltbult, HUF Magazine and Venom Magazine.